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Photo Credit: Daniel Miramontes

Greetings! My name is Tara Christina and I bring to you a unique blend of organic, loose leaf teas. I enjoy blending a variety of different herbs and spices in order to create a combination of elegance, fun and flavor while keeping health benefits in mind.

I started my career in Social Work. However, in the Fall of 2003 I transitioned to health and wellness. I learned about herbal remedies during a midwifery course I took in the Spring of 2004.  Though I chose to not continue on in midwifery, I continued on in birth work, nutrition and herbal studies.

My love of tea-making grew during my own pregnancy when I became quite selective about what I put into my body. I began to study herbs on my own, creating teas for my unique taste and pregnancy experience.

I blended herbs for my postpartum period, whenever I became sick, and eventually for my son. Shortly thereafter, I started creating teas for friends and family, for their own unique experiences.

In the Fall of 2009 I studied Holistic Nutrition, which included a component on Herbal Wellness. Then in the Fall of 2013 I took an Herbal Medicine course, specifically designed to support family wellness. It was during that time I officially launched my tea line.

Since then I have attended numerous classes and herbal conferences. I’ve completed two cohorts of an Herbal Apprenticeship and am currently enrolled in Rosemary Gladstar’s The Science & Art of Herbalism.

I enjoy sharing the unique blends I customize for myself, and those who have a specific flavor they would like. I also have a passion for herbal medicine and it’s importance in maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Tara’s Teas is a unique tea experience meant to completely pamper your senses while offering nutritious benefits. We customize all blends. Whether we have an already established blend, or you would like to experience something uniquely tailored to your taste, Tara’s Teas is the tea for you.

Thank you! We look forward to giving you your best tea experience yet.

Though herbs and spices have medicinal properties, Tara’s Teas are solely for personal and social use. They can offer complimentary care for whatever you may be experiencing, however are not meant to treat any illness. If you suspect that you, or a loved one have a medical or psychological illness, please consult with a competent healthcare professional.



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