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Tea Menu: We carry Herbal Blends as well as Black and Green Tea Blends.

All of Our Tea Ingredients are Organic, Non-GMO

Herbs, spices and teas are best stored in jars in order to preserve freshness. We package our blends in jars, however we do have refill bag options available by the ounce.

Contact TarasTeasInfo@gmail.com for any questions or to place an order.

Though Tara Christina has conducted thorough research of all herbs, spices, teas and their combinations since the Spring of 2004, none of these have been evaluated by the USDA. Though herbs and spices have medicinal properties, Tara’s Teas are solely for personal and social use. They are not meant to treat any illness and are not meant to replace any medication. If you suspect that you, or a loved one have a medical or psychological illness, please consult with a competent healthcare professional.

We also offer a wide variety of  Customized Tea Gifts , created to your desired level of perfection.  

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