Womb Wellness & Hormonal Support

“Nurturing Mother & Child:” A gentle blend of Red Raspberry Leaf for uterine toning, Peppermint for flavor and Nettles for its high Vitamin B content. Best to use this blend after the first trimester, unless under the care of a qualified Complimentary Care Health Provider. ***
Small Jar ( ($15) Large Jar ($20)

“Milk Boost:” This blend is very similar as the pregnancy support as it contains Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettles. It also contains fennel for a little extra milk boost. We can substitute Fenugreek instead of Fennel by special request. ***
Small Jar ( ($15) Large Jar ($20)

“Libido Lift:”  Damiana, Cinnamon and Clove come together to bring warmth to the libido by stimulating the genital area. An added benefit, Damiana is also helpful for cooling hot flashes and anxiety during menopause.

“My Personal Summer:” This particular tea is a blend of cooling herbs for those warm days. It contains Black Cohosh, Chamomile, Peppermint & Nettles.
Small Jar ( ($15) Large Jar ($20)

“Menopause:” The hormonal fluctuations during a woman’s life are very real and for many offers numerous uncomfortable moments. Many complain of hot flashes aka “Power surges,” anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. These moments are very real and deserve thoughtful attention. We have created a blend using trusted herbs that is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be released in September 2020. It’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to taking herbal remedies in order to rule out a medical condition. Tara Christina only releases what she has personally researched and consumed, but cannot make any guarantees.

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*** Prenatal and Postpartum period’s are a very special time for the pregnant and postpartum person. Each individual person has unique needs. It’s important to check with a qualified healthcare professional before consuming herbal products. We want to make sure our baby and of course our own body, safely gets what will nourish and support us during this time. Thank you and take good care.

Tara Christina, MSW, NE